• ivermectin lotion cost The male genital organ (penis, penis) consists of a root that attaches to the pubic bones and a trunk that ends in the head. In the structure of the shaft of the penis, there are three bodies, two paired and one unpaired.
  • Inside the penis are two cavernous (cavernous) cylindrical bodies. The back ends of the cavernous bodies are attached to the pubic bones, and the front ends are located under the head. The cavernous bodies grow together and are densely covered with a fibrous capsule (white membrane).
  • ivermectin for sale Under them is the spongy body, inside which the urethra passes. The latter is designed to remove urine from the bladder.


The cavernous bodies buy ivermectin for humans have a specific structure. The structure of these formations is very similar to a system of caves or cells. Caves (sinusoids) are gaps lined from the inside with vascular tissue (endothelium) and filled with blood. The walls of these spaces are formed by connective tissue and smooth muscle fibers. The latter provide expansion and contraction of sinusoids.

  • With age, the connective tissue in the male genital organ begins to predominate, thereby reducing the extensibility of the penis, which reduces the ability to have full sexual intercourse.
  • The cells are interconnected by special ducts, which are in an expanded state during an erection and provide free interconnection between the cells.
  • As a result of these changes, the corpora cavernosa are a single functioning system.

At the base of the head there is a free fold called the foreskin. The foreskin is connected to the skin of the frenum head. Arterial flow to the genital organ is due to a group of arteries in the scrotum and dorsal artery. Small arteries flow into sinusoids.

In a relaxed state, the small arteries of the penis are in a contracted state, and the sinusoids are compressed as much as possible. Venous outflow of blood is carried out through the deep vein of the penis and the vein of the bulb.

  • The latter flow into the venous plexus, located in the lower third of the penis and consisting of several connecting veins.
  • At rest, blood flow in the penis is minimal, performing a nourishing function. More detailed changes in blood circulation in the penis will be discussed below.
  • An erection is an increase in the volume of the penis compared to resting. The mechanical hardness that occurs during an erection is necessary for sexual intercourse.

psychogenic - arises under the influence of thoughts of a sexual nature or upon exposure to the sensory organs, which a person perceives as sexual (stimulating speech, breath, smell of perfume, accidental body touches, memories, dreams, etc.); reflexogenic - manifests itself as a result of a reaction to touching the genitals.